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Major Search Engine Submissions

How to Get Your Web Site Listed

Part 1

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Getting your web site listed in the major search engines is an absolute necessity. Why? Because 85% of all people on the Internet use them when searching for information. When they type the keyword or keyword phrase in a major search engine, up pops your web site, or at least you hope so.

The easiest, fastest and free way to get listed in any of the major search engines is getting links from other related sites that point to your site. Once you get your web site listed in one major search engine or directory, your site will appear in the others.

Besides working on your link building strategies, you can also submit your web site to the major search engines. Here's how to submit to the major search engines, listed in alphabetical order:

  • AllTheWeb - owned by overture which also provides results for Lycos.
    • Free Submission Only submit your homepage and a couple of inside pages. It takes about 6 weeks before your pages appear. There is no guarantee to get listed.
    • Paid Submission AlltheWeb doesn't have a direct paid inclusion program but uses Lycos Insite Select. Price $35.00 It takes 72 hours to get listed. Your pages will be visited every 2 days for 1 year. This is a good option if you want a new site to quickly get listed.
  • Altavista - owned by Overture
    • Free Submission This gives you a basic submission. You can add up to 5 URLS to be considered for inclusion in 4-6 weeks. Submit your homepage and one or 2 other pages. There is no guarantee of inclusion.
    • Paid Submission AltaVista Express Inclusion Submit your homepage. Your pages will be listed within 2 weeks and revisited regularly. Price $39.00 I URL for a 6 month subscription Guarantee: Your pages could be dropped if you don't renew your subscription.
  • Google Google is the top choice for searchers. It's search engine results also appear in Yahoo and AOL.
    • Free Submission It is free to submit but there is no guarantee of a listing. Submit your homepage and a couple of other pages. It takes about a month for your pages to appear. The best way to get listed in Google is to find a lot of related inbound links - links from other sites that point to yours. This will vastly improve your search engine rankings and your site will probably show up more quickly.
  • Infospace
  • Yahoo Search Engine (formerly Inktomi)
    • Free Submission As with all other major search engines, building links to your site is the best way to go if you want to get listed for free.
    • Paid Submission - No longer recommended for smaller sites. I'll post more on this soon.
  • Teoma - provides results for the popular web site Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves owns the Teoma search engine. Teoma partners include:,, Metacrawler, Excite, iLor,,, Ixquick,,,
    • Free Submission Like the other major search engines, get links from other web sites to point to yours and the search engines will eventually find you though their linking structure.
    • Paid Submission Ask Jeeves Site Submit. Submit your homepage. Your site will be listed within one week. 1st URL $30.00 2 - 1000 URLs $18.00 each Guarantee: Your pages may be dropped if you don't renew your subscription.


  • Just submitting your web site to the major search engines is not sufficient to get a good ranking. Make sure your web site is correctly optimized before you do your submissions. Read How to Use Keywords to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
  • Getting massive amounts of traffic doesn't guarantee sales. Your web site copy must pull your visitors through the page for them to take action. Get others to read your copy and ask for their opinions.
  • To achieve higher rankings (and therefore more traffic) in the search engines, you need to continually refine your web site. Monitor your web site rankings and if necessary, adjust the keywords in your meta tags and web site copy.
  • Search engines should be only one of your marketing strategies. One week you could be at the top of a search engine, the next week your site may disappear. Therefore don't just rely on traffic from the search engines, but use other methods to drive traffic to your site.

Now go and submit your site to these major search engines. When you succeed in getting a top listing, as a result of taking action on this article, drop me a thank you note - I'll be cheering for you!

Part 2 of this article will explain: How to get listed in the Major Search Engine Directories

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